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    a series of accidental-on-purpose poems, courtesy of google

    amused that death in june showed up here

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    Current 93 - A Sad Sadness Song (Ft. Rose McDowall)

    When we touch the world
    And it falls away
    When we feel that we’re born
    Just to fall apart
    And our mother lies in state
    And the broken pitcher glistens
    And the snow is at the window
    Creating neither sign nor symbol
    And the earth covers earth
    And the mud lies in pools

    Where the sand-dunes stretch unbroken
    And the dry wind bends and sighs
    And the geese are running harmless
    And our desires are running wild
    Then we’re looking at the smoke
    That’s rising from the incense
    Neither coming here nor going
    Neither heaven here nor hell
    Neither borning here nor birthing
    Neither dying here nor death

    And we’re wrapped inside our troubles
    And we’re wrapped inside our pain
    And wracked with fires with longing
    And our eyes are blind with night
    With our fingers clutching coins
    And our thoughts burning with ‘I’
    And our eyes cannot be sated
    With the world and its nightmares
    With the world and its dreams
    Though later they’ll be filled
    With a small handful of dust
    And the gods appear on the altars
    And we recognise their face
    It’s a face that we have carved there
    And it’s full of fear and longing
    And promises and threats
    But they neither stoop to conquer
    Nor do they stoop to praise
    And the mines are void of diamonds
    That we carry in our rags

    Then all the world seems
    A sadness song
    And all the world seems
    A sadness song

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Current 93


    Current 93

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  4. I sleep in a fireplace and listen to current 93, eat pocky and watch madoka magica


    beautiful :)